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How to Style a Wedding Party on an Orange Color Palette

 Bride with her bridesmaids all dressed in orangePhoto: Bella DC/Kesha Lambert

Wedding color trends come and go from season to season, but there’s one shade that’s trending right now that we’re absolutely loving:


Maybe you’ve got your eye on burnt orange velvet dresses for your upcoming fall wedding. Or, perhaps you’re trying to decide between peach or coral gowns for your nuptials next spring. Either way, great choice!

If you’re unsure if orange will complement your wedding theme, it might be because you don’t yet realize just how versatile it is.

Here are some of the many ways to style a wedding party around an orange color palette!

Bridesmaid Dresses Come in Many Different Shades of Orange

When we think of the color orange, it’s easy to jump right to that bright Halloween hue found in candy corn and pumpkin candy buckets. But orange is much more nuanced than that and comes in dozens of shades.

Other colors in the orange family include:

• Rust
• Cinnamon
• Burnt orange
• Pumpkin
• Persimmon
• Copper
• Peach
• Melon
• Apricot
• Tangerine
• Coral

    Orange can be vibrant and bright. Or, it can be a pale, pretty pastel. It can even be dark and moody. Like the endless shades that exist in the blue, green, and red color families, orange is super versatile!

    Whether you’re shopping for a short dress for a summer beach wedding or a long dress for a winter celebration, you’re in luck. There are shades of orange that work for every season and every type of wedding theme.

    Mix and Match Orange with Other Colors

    Bridal party with an orange color palette

    Photo: Bella Baltimore: Abby Jiu Photography

    If you have your heart set on orange bridesmaid dresses, get this — many orange tones are incredibly easy to mix and match with other colors. 

    Consider pairing the following colors together to create a gorgeous, eye-catching wedding color palette:

    Bright orange with fuchsia: Perfect for a wedding in the height of summer
    Bright orange with aqua or turquoise: Ideal for a spring or summer celebration
    Peach, melon, or apricot with pale pinks and neutral hues: A winning combo for a spring wedding
    Rust, persimmon, or burnt orange with browns, sage, and cinnamon: Stunning for saying “I do” in fall

      The only trick to styling a wedding party on an orange color palette is to choose a shade that works for the season.

      Browse our fabric & color swatches to find the perfect shade of orange for your upcoming nuptials.


      Choose Fabrics Based on the Time of Year

      Bridal party in orange dresses

      Photo: Bella Nashville/Rebekah Lakowski

      Speaking of seasons … 

      When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, it’s just as important to choose a fabric that works for the season you’re getting married. As much as we love burnt orange, it evokes a fall feeling. As gorgeous as they are, peach and coral don’t exactly scream “winter wedding.” 

      You get where we’re going.

      As a newlywed-to-be, you can choose whatever colors you want for your big day. But if you’re looking for some inspo on what fabrics work best in which season, here are a few gorgeous orange dresses to consider:

      Dessy Collection 3043

      Orange bridesmaid dress

      Glitzy in head-to-toe sequins, the Dessy 3043 gown comes in a shade called copper rose. It’s a stunning option if you’re embracing the metallic trend at any time of year. 

      This evening dress features cap sleeves, a high neckline, and a draped cowl back. Wow your guests with drama, serious glamour, and undeniable sophistication. 

      Twobirds Velvet Cowl Dress

      Orange velvet dress

      The Twobirds Velvet Cowl Dress is simply perfect for fall and winter weddings. This rust orange velvet maxi dress features spaghetti straps, a cowl neckline, and a slip silhouette for a sleek and chic look.

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      Choose a Silhouette That Works with Your Wedding Theme

      Bridal party in orange dresses

       Photo: Bella Indianapolis/Hunter Ryan featuring Jenny Yoo’s Sylvie and Addison in Rust

      Because there are so many different shades of orange, it’s the kind of color that you can easily work into any wedding theme. Rustic, tropical, traditional, or minimalist, orange is one of those colors that makes a statement no matter what.

      Do you love a deep V-neck or a modest high neckline? Or do you prefer a full-length gown or a short dress? What about a form fitting satin dress or an easy, breezing, flow chiffon?

      No matter your style, here’s a peek at some more orange dresses you can choose for your wedding day! 

      Lovely LB026

      Lovely LB026

      In terracotta copper, the Lovely LB026 midi dress is easy to dress up or dress down. This design features a trumpet silhouette in soft charmeuse, a high neck halter, and elegant tie closure in the back.

      Bari Jay 1730

      Bari Jay 1730

      With spaghetti straps and ruffles, the Bari Jay 1730 bridesmaid dress is vibrant in an eye-popping shade of coral. Its V-shaped back makes it gorgeous from every angle.

      Dessy 3080 Jumpsuit

      Dessy 3080 Jumpsuit

      Instead of having your bridesmaids wear dresses, consider jumpsuits instead! The Dessy 3080 Jumpsuit is oh-so-flattering in a wide-leg silhouette, and the terracotta copper color is to die for.

      Jenny Yoo Althea Dress

      Jenny Yoo Althea Dress

      Puff sleeves add drama and romance to the Jenny Yoo Althea Dress in Sedona sunset. This pretty orange gown features long sleeves, a straight neckline, and a slit A-line skirt. This is boho-chic at its best! 

      Pia Gladys Helene Dress

      Pia Gladys Helene dress

      Available in shades of light coral, coral, and tangerine, the Pia Gladys Helene Dress wows in a sleeveless silhouette with ruched and pleated details. A silver embellishment at the waist adds an elegant touch. 

      Twobirds Velvet Kimono Dress

      Twobirds velvet kimono dress

      Floor-length with flutter sleeves, the Twobirds Velvet Kimono Dress in rust is a perfect choice for a rustic fall wedding. This wrap dress is detailed with a crossover V-neckline, a tie that knots at the waist, and a full, flowing skirt.

      Check out Bella Bridesmaids now to discover the perfect orange bridesmaid dresses!


      Incorporate Orange into Your Flowers, Décor, Food, and Drinks

      There are endless fun, stylish ways to incorporate shades of orange throughout your wedding day. You can:

      • Add orange flowers to your table centerpieces
      • Add orange accents to your wedding cake
      • Decorate your reception chairs with orange seat cushions
      • Have your bartender serve a specialty orange-colored cocktail

        Orange tones exist in nature, so adding orange accents through food, drinks, and flowers is oh-so-easy to do!


        Check out our other color-themed wedding inspo:


        Orange is more versatile than you may think, and no, it’s not just for Halloween!

        From pretty shades of peach and coral to deep, dramatic rust and persimmon tones, orange works for every season. No matter what orange dresses you choose, they’re sure to help make your wedding day a truly memorable event.

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