Meet & Greet: Megan and Danielle, owners of Kansas City

Danielle & Megan

College friends, wedding planners and today, Bella Bridesmaid owners, Megan and Danielle have a lot of history! In October of 2009 these two gals brought Bella to Kansas City after seeing a great need for modern and stylish bridesmaid dresses. Bella Bridesmaid gave Megan and Danielle the opportunity to continue not only a friendship but also a partnership in the wedding industry that each had a great passion for. Between running their boutique and keeping up with their family and friends, these ladies took some time to share what’s been going on in Kansas!


BB: What were your careers before becoming Bella Bridesmaid owners, and what attracted you both to the franchise? 


M: I worked for an advertising agency here in Kansas City on the Build A Bear account. I managed the mobile tour which was a traveling Build A Bear bus that would go to State Fairs, large event, etc. and set up for kids to make bears right there on site. However, on the side Danielle and I were getting our wedding planning company up and running so I was in advertising by day and wedding planning by night.
Kansas City boutique
D: Megan and I met in college and always talked about having our own business.  After college we parted ways for a while since she moved to Chicago. I worked in advertising sales, and then Megan and I started Soirée Event Designs, a wedding planning company, when she moved back. Bella was a natural step for us, since we had experienced first hand the lack of stylish bridesmaids dresses in Kansas City. 

BB: What is the most memorable moment so far in owning your boutique? 


M&D: By far our first sale, which was our very first appointment. We were finishing the store up until the very last minute… the night before we opened our husbands were doing some work on the lighting, so we had no lights! We were "practicing" appointments in the dark so we'd be ready for our 10am appointment when we opened the next day. We still have her info sheet hanging up in our office. We sold her navy LulaKate Ashley dresses with A-line skirts and white sashes!
BB: What is your idea of a perfect night out on the town? Which one of our dresses would you wear, and how would you style it?


Megan and family
M: A perfect night on the town is a kid-free evening with my husband and some friends out to dinner. It would start by getting ready from start to finish without my son under me pulling everything out of every drawer in the bathroom and actually drying my hair. We'd then go out for a leisurely dinner with multiple courses on a patio somewhere. I would wear Swoon "Barbados" short with some great jewelry and dressy sandals!


D: Dinner and drinks with friends. I would wear my LulaKate Margaret dress with Kendra Scott jewelry. 


BB: Fave celebrity wedding dresses? 


Nicole Richie via The Wire
M: Nicole Richie's Marchesa gown. I would never have worn anything like it in a million years but it was so unique and over the top, it made a huge impact. 


D: Carolyn Bessette.  It just never goes out of style. Simple and elegant.  


BB: How would you each describe your own personal style? 


M: Probably dressed up casual. I like a simple look with really great jewelry. 


D: Classic and neutral. Megan is always challenging me to wear things outside of my comfort zone.  


BB: Favorite place traveled? 


M: Italy by far! I've been to some great beaches but nothing beats the culture, scenery and lifestyle of Italy.


D: Aruba. My husband and I traveled there for our honeymoon. The beach is so gorgeous it doesn't even look real.  


Danielle and family
BB: Favorite movie that you can watch over and over? 


M: I actually don't like watching movies more than once! There is something really intriguing about not knowing the ending to a story and once that is already figured out what’s the point in watching it again?!


D: Megan and I are on the same page on this one, but if I had to choose it would be "When Harry Met Sally".


BB: Everyday wear item? ie: pair of earrings, fave cardigan, scarf 
Bradley Cooper via People
M: Diamond or pearl studs - even with grubby clothes I always wear a simple earring!


D: Maybe not everyday, but I love skinny jeans.




BB: Celebrity crush?


M: Bradley Cooper hands down


D: Ditto!


BB: Favorite quote or expression?


M: It may sound simple, but “No Pain, No Gain.” I think my dad told me that from an early age and I think it applies to a lot of areas of life.


D: Don't laugh, its from Oprah's show… "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." 


Now for This & That...


Danielle & Megan with Amsale
Bridal Market 2011

Thin Mints or Samoas? 


M: No idea what Samoas are so Thin Mints. However they're best out of the freezer!


D: Thin mints

Sun or Snow?


M: Thats a hard one because I love both. I'll have to go with sun.


D: Sun!


Dine out or Home cooked meal? 


M: I cook almost every night so Dine Out for sure if I have the option :)


D: Home cooked most of the time


Vogue or Cosmo?
M: Vogue


D: Neither, besides wedding magazines I only subscribe to Bon Appétit. 


Rock n Roll or Country? 


M: Country - especially as we go into summer. I love country while sitting at the lake or by the pool (if I find time to do either of those things!)


D: Rock n Roll


                                  Thank you ladies!

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