Guest Bloggers Kel & Kate: How to Avoid the Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda When Planning Your Wedding

What could be more fun than planning your wedding with your BFF? Absolutely nothing according to Kelly Chrischilles & Katie Kahn. They are the stylish duo behind Kel & Kate, fashion & lifestyle blog based in Chicago, who always trying to explore the world. They worship Vogue, red wine and all things Hermes. Kate is in the process of planning her wedding with the guidance and support of her matron of honor, Kel.

We sat down with the blogger besties to get their tips and tricks for brides and maids during the wedding planning process. This week, Kate quizzed Kel about all the details from her 2012 wedding to her handsome hubby Ben!

Kel (left) & Kate (right) of fashion & lifestyle blog, Kel & Kate.

Kate: What was the first thing you planned?

Kel: After locking in the date, church and venue, I was really excited to figure out my florals. I had so many fun ideas in my head and inspiration I pulled from various magazines. Pinterest also just started to blow up so I was pinning like a mad woman too! I’ve always had a thing for flowers (like a lot of girls) and am somewhat obsessed with hydrangeas and peonies (like a lot of girls) and I wanted lush arrangements, tall, short and everything in between and I was excited to get started to and figure out what ideas would work for the big day.

Kate: What was your favorite and least favorite part of planning?

Kel: That is such a tough question because I really loved it all. I had a lot of fun picking out our invitations just because the design aspect intrigues me but I would say wedding dress shopping (big smiley face). I knew I wanted Vera Wang but tried on those last and I totally had that classic, teary-eyed moment with my mom and best girlfriends. I’m not the most decisive person and that part drives me crazy about myself. I would take weeks sometimes to make simple decision. I often annoyed myself with that…

Kel wearing Vera Wang on her wedding day with her husband Ben.

Kate: I remember you had a signature cocktail, how did you determine what it would be?

Kel: We did! It was a Pimm’s Cup. Besides it being my favorite cocktail, we wanted a classic cocktail and something refreshing since our wedding was in August.

Kel & Ben's signature cocktail in adorable Mason Jars.

Kate: How did you pick your color scheme?

Kel: Well I really love the color purple, especially lavender. When I purchased my dress from Vera Wang, I was trying on accessories and came across the Vera Wang lavender sash and it was love at first sight. My next stop, was Bella Bridesmaids. Since my wedding was in August, I knew I wanted my ladies in short dresses. I couldn't find a dress that matched my lavender sash perfectly so I decided to then incorporate different shades of purple, which I thought added more depth to the overall color scheme. I've always been a huge fan of one-shoulder dresses and also wanted to find them a dress they could keep in their closet and wear later on. So voilà, I found the perfect dress at Bella. After that, I knew my colors would be shades of purple and white with touches of green.

Kel's bridesmaids wore Thread from Bella Bridesmaids Chicago.

Kate: Did you have a pre-wedding facial and workout regime?

Kel: I did and I still try and go by the same regime. I got HydraFacials every month leading up to the big day. That might seem a little crazy but before I did this I was never really a facial person, now it’s one of my favorite things. It’s an awesome facial and really does so much for my skin in terms of clearing up those blemishes and making my skin look clear and bright. Chuan Spa at The Langham, Chicago does them!

I tried to work out 3 – 4 days a week but that didn’t always happen. I still try to do that. I never really changed this that much because I always tried/try to be pretty healthy (besides my love for sweets) and workout consistently.

Kate: If there is anything you could change about your wedding planning process, what would it be?

Kel: I tend to over think a lot of small decisions (also mentioned above) and I would definitely change that thought process. I liked a lot and therefore wanted to incorporate a lot. If I could change anything, I wouldn’t stress about the small things and edit my ideas/inspiration.

Kate: What was your absolute favorite part of the night?

Kel: Our first dance and then all of the dancing that ensued after. I love dancing and it was the best to dance with all of my family and friends for hours and just let loose and have an awesome time.

Kate: Did you have post-wedding withdrawals?

Kel: YES! All the time and I still do sometimes. It was the best night of my life and I’ve loved being married to my husband every single moment since. It was a complete celebration and there aren’t a lot of times when you can get everyone you love into the same room and just celebrate.

Kate: What is your best piece of advice for me and all other brides in the midst of planning?

Kel: Go with your gut and don’t over think the process. It really is the best time ever and goes by in the blink of an eye. In the end, the day is all about you and the love of your life and that’s what’s important.

Be sure to check back next week as we chat with Kate as she plans her upcoming wedding to her fiancé Kevin! XO

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