Throw a FUNtastic Bachelorette Party!

Planning a bachelorette party can be great fun if you have the right perspective. It is a celebration of friendship and a highlight of being a bridesmaid. The number one rule to keep in mind is that it is all about the bride and a great party takes into account her hobbies, interests, style, and what you have shared together over the years. Make it a day to remember for her and it will be one for the entire bridal party too! A great start is to poll the bridal party for ideas. Involve them in creating the party. Establish the budget which should include travel, meals, rentals, party favors, and invitations. Always remember to absorb the bride-to-be’s costs into the bridal party as she is the guest of honor. So whether you’re flying across the country for a Napa wine tasting or bar hopping at the local pubs, keep in mind the goal is to celebrate your bride and the friendship you share. Here are a few theme ideas to help you start creating an amazing and memorable party!

Retail Therapy by Limousine

Who doesn’t like to shop?! Rent a limo for the day. Pick up the maids, pick up the bride-to-be, and start your day at a boutique. Make the bride-to-be feel like a star by stopping at all her favorite places. Make the final stop of the day, at her favorite salon for pedicures, or at her favorite sweet shop where all of you can truly indulge.

Sporty Bachelorette Party

If the bride-to-be loves sports, you may decide to choose her favorite team and head to the stadium or ballpark . . . or rink, track, or court! Sporting events host a variety of people and activities, it’s a sure way to share a fun time and create a lasting memory. The attendees could even contribute to the “memorabilia fund” and select a team hat or jersey to mark the day! Or maybe the bride-to-be likes the outdoors and camping at a nearby park would be ideal. Pitch the tents, build a campfire, make s’mores, and share tales of how ‘well’ you all know the bride-to-be!

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The Spa Party

This beloved theme is perfect for a relaxing, let-loose day or weekend of fun and fancy! Whether your plans take you to a resort where the party can be pampered head-to-toe, or a simple gathering at someone's house - bring in a masseuse, paint each others' nails, and plan the perfect food feast menu! Incorporate games that are ‘bachelorette funny’. Have each maid bring the bride-to-be a fancy, practical or ‘intimate’ pair of undies. String them on a clothesline across the living room and have the bride guess which maid brought what pair. Storytelling is fun, too. Take turns sharing your most treasured memory of your friendship with the bride-to-be. Don’t forget the box of tissues!

Girls Weekend in the Wine Country

What a perfect setting for a girls get-together weekend before the ‘big day’. Rent a house in Sonoma County, California from Russian River Vacation Homes, or search at Airbnb. From Cloverdale to Bodega Bay, and everywhere in between! Plan a day touring the wineries, exploring the surrounding quaint towns, and then plan a cook-off at the house one evening. An intimate, relaxed setting where maids can shower the bride with storytelling and reminiscing.

A Night on the Town 

A night out in the big city sounds great, but for a big group, a little planning will go a long way. Keep the group moving by scheduling a progressive dinner. Identify a fun neighborhood that has a few restaurants, bars, or clubs within walking distance. Pick one for a cocktail and appetizers, one for dinner, one for dessert, and on to somewhere with the bride’s favorite music to dance the night away.

Sex and the City Bachelorette Party

This Sex and the City Bachelorette-themed party can be hosted at one of the maids' homes! Send out the invites and ask the guests to dress as their favorite character. Think of crazy, fun prizes for the top two character-dressed winners, and plan to order dinner in for everyone. As we all can remember, the ladies of SATC never cooked a meal at home! And, as for libations, there will need to be a pitcher or two of cosmos. Use your imagination to make this ONE FUN PARTY!

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