3 Hair Tricks to Keep your Blowout Bangin'

Now that our market outfits are set, it's time to focus on completing the look with amazing hair! At bridal market, 15 more minutes of sleep is clutch. We needed some major help to make our blowout last all week and knew exactly who to turn to.

Savvy stylist (and former Bella Bride!), Amanda Diedrich, is the founder and CEO of Blohaute, the mobile styling service that brings the beauty salon right to your door. But seriously, how genius is that?! She showed us exactly how to push your look to the limit. Plus, we promise you can do them at home! Be sure to book an appointment with our girl, Amanda, for even more Insta-worthy hairstyles!

P.S. A BIG southern hair sized thanks to our model, Erin. On top of having SJP hair, she also happens to be the co-franchisor of Bella Bridesmaids. We see you, girl!

1. The Classic Blowout

Amanda made sure to start off strong with a classic blowout. This must-do hair-do is easy, breezy, and totally polished. She used a curling iron and plenty of her favorite hairspray by fave4 to give those waves plenty of bounce. Amanda Tip: The fave4 texture takeover combines dry shampoo and hairspray for volume that still keeps your hair's natural movement.

2. The Half Up Top Knot (with a twist!)

Round 2...time to get edgy with this half up do that Amanda gave a fiercely cool twist with the braid. First and foremost, dry shampoo. Lift up sections and spray at the root. Wait a minute or so and blend to complete your faux shower! Then, pull half of your hair up and french braid it to the crown of your head before pinning into a messy bun. Amanda Tip: Don't try too hard with this look. Have fun with it...the messier, the better!

3. The Ladylike Low Pony

On to day 3...time to put it up! The effortless pony is an urban legend. Ladies, we've found the LOCKness monster. First, touch up those curls and tease the crown with a comb. Pull your hair back into a low pony, wrap some hair around the pony tail and secure with bobby pins. Amanda Tip: Create more volume in your pony tail with your own two hands. Pull a few strands together and quickly slide your fingers against the grain from the bottom up. Do this all over the pony and spray again with your texturizing hairspray!

Special thanks to Amanda Diedrich at Blohaute for her collaboration on this post! Remember to follow Amanda on Instagram @blohaute and be sure to book your appointment with her whenever you are in Chicago!

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