Wedding Day Beauty

buzz-makeup4The “BIG DAY” has finally arrived. The Bride-to-be is glowing… she’s been to yoga, had breakfast with her family, and the ‘maids’ are starting to arrive! It’s time to “make-up the faces” and “put on-the-do’s” for the day ahead. You want to look and feel your very best! The Bride-to-be may arrange hair and makeup to be done all together. Whether the bridal party gathers in a hotel suite, someone’s home, or a salon, remember to help keep the Bride-to-be on schedule as the time will fly! Make arrangements for refreshments and light bites to be readily available. . . and keep the entire bridal party hydrated. As difficult as it may be, get a good night’s rest the eve before. It lessens your chance of needing cucumbers on the eyelids, before you self-style or you are seated in the stylist’s chair!


  1. Wear a button down shirt to avoid undoing an updo or smudging a smoky eye while changing into your dress.
  2. Skin can make or break the big day look. Prep your skin the week before. Revitalize, hydrate, moisturize. Use makeup to enhance your natural beauty and not to mask the imperfections.
  3. Avoid any treatments leading up to the day of the wedding that may not agree with your skin - facials, waxing, or any new products. If you are considering a special skin care treatment, please have it done 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day.
  4. Although you may feel better with a suntan, avoid overexposure to the sun. Too much sun can look unnatural in photos. The same goes for spray tans – the bachelorette party is a great opportunity to test a local salon’s work before the big day.
  5. Watch your sodium intake the week before. Avoid salty foods (sauces, dressings, meats) and go for low-sodium options. You will feel lighter, less puffy and more radiant!
  6. If you are doing your own makeup, stop by the counter of your favorite makeup line and have a free consultation. The makeup artists can share some great tips to enhance your look.
  7. Don’t forget your touch-up bag! Chances are you will be in full makeup hours before you walk down the aisle. Touch-ups will be necessary, and you will want to have color on your lips, rosy cheeks and access to oil-blotting papers to get you through the day shine-free.
  8. Crying comes easily on the big day! Tuck a few (one for you and one for those who will forget) tissues into your touch-up bag. Blot the corners of your eyes and be careful not to undo what the artist has done. AND, don’t forget WATERPROOF, WATERPROOF (foundation, eyeliner, mascara). Chances are there will be waterworks!


  1. Select a style that you are personally comfortable with. Perhaps, a style that you love from a past event. Don’t experiment on the day with a do that is new or that you are unsure of. Time is precious!
  2. Have a plan beforehand and know how the hair stylist wants to work with your hair. For blow outs, they typically like a wet head of clean hair. For hair up, hair washed the day before usually holds up best.
  3. A beauty Emergency Kit will be your (and the other maids') best friend. Make sure it has all the essentials: bobby pins, hair spray, bleach pen, Band-Aid strips, emery board, sewing kit, mints, etc. The weather can play havoc on the style you have chosen, so be prepared with a second option!  Just in case…
  4. On the day, do not over process your hair. Also, too much hair spray can weigh down your look and make it dull. Lighten up!
Remember this is an incredibly special day for the bride and she’s invited you to celebrate in the inner circle with her. If your makeup feels a little off or if hair is a bit too tight – remember she’s probably seen you through every fashion faux pas of your life and her special moment is not the time to indulge in your vanity. Discreetly touch up, smile, and enjoy the day together. We’d love to hear any tips  that you found helpful.

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