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Female Usher Attire: What Should Usherettes Wear?

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As the soon-to-be-married couple, you and your betrothed have a lot of decisions to make about your wedding day.

The venue. The cake. The band. The caterer. The flowers. The honeymoon … oooh, the honeymoon

Choosing your wedding attire is another important and fun part. You'll want your crew to look the part to help pull off the wedding vibe you envision.

Aside from THE DRESS, you’ll also need to think about what your best man, groomsmen, maid of honor, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, and parents are going to wear.

And if you decide to have a female usher, you'll want to think about what she will wear, too.

If you’ve decided to have a female usher on the groom’s side, there’s a lot of flexibility in how you can dress her for the big day. Here’s our complete guide to wedding usherette attire:

Is It Okay to Have a Female Usher?

Wedding partyPhoto: Bella Shreveport / Laura Caraway Photography

Forget convention and say bye-bye to tradition; who you have in your wedding party is entirely up to you. If you want to have your boy besties as your bridesmaids, do it. If you want to have female wedding ushers, go for it!

From family members to lifelong childhood friends, it’s not unusual for a groom to want to include a woman on his side of the bridal party.

Whether she’s his sister, a close cousin, or a best friend from college, there are lots of reasons why he might want a woman to stand by his side rather than just inviting her to the celebration as another wedding guest. 

Making the decision to have a female usher is not a hard one. If she means that much to you, she should be in the wedding party.

Here’s our wedding attire guide for what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to dressing a female usher.

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Should a Female Usher Wear a Bridesmaid Dress?

With wedding planning, the options are endless, and there are no hard and fast rules as to what you should do versus what you shouldn't do.

So female ushers wear a bridesmaid dress, right? 

The answer is no.

Picture this:

For the sake of having balance in your wedding photos, it’s always best to coordinate your female usher with your groomsmen, not with your bridesmaids. Otherwise, she’s going to stick out, and not in the good way you want her to.

Option 1: Dress Your Usherette in a Tux

For a formal wedding or a black-tie reception, a femme tuxedo is one way to go. But for the sake of fashion, let her ditch the cummerbund and bow tie and wear a pretty V-neck blouse instead of the traditional button-up white shirt.

And be sure to order her a boutonniere for her lapel, just like the guys!

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Option 2: Have Her Wear a Dress That Matches the Groomsmen

Some female ushers might jump at the chance to wear a slim tuxedo, but others might feel more comfortable in a dress.

For the usherette who wants to feel ultra-feminine, have her wear a gown that matches the color of the groomsmen’s suits (instead of one that matches the bridesmaid gowns).

If your guys are wearing black, navy, grey, or brown suits, choose a dress for your female usher that’s the exact same color. Lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon and tulle, are easy to find in dozens of neutral hues. 

With a floor-length gown in the same color, she’ll blend in with the guys yet still stand out.

Option 3: We Love a Jumpsuit!

Bride in white dress with bridal party in navy blue jumpsuitsPhoto: Bella Dallas / TheIACouture

We love a jumpsuit for any occasion, including a wedding ceremony! With a fitted bodice and wide legs, a one-piece jumpsuit is the perfect way to make your female usher blend in with the guys and flaunt a look that’s completely different from your bridesmaids.

No matter what sleeve length, neckline, or fabric you choose, keep the color consistent with the groomsmen’s suits so you can get those perfectly balanced bridal party photos.

With strappy heels and some great jewelry, she’ll be super stylish from the first moment of the processional to the last dance at the wedding reception.

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When having a female usher in your wedding party, be sure to give her a unique look so that no one mistakes her for a bridesmaid. A sleek tuxedo, a dress that matches the groomsmen’s outfits, or a jumpsuit are all great options that can work for any type of wedding.

And remember to pay attention to other styling details as well:

Have her wear a boutonniere rather than carry a bouquet. Allow her to wear different heels, different jewelry, and a different hairstyle than the bridesmaids. All of these things together will make it obvious that she’s an important part of the big day!

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