twobirds: Tips & Tricks

It's tricky to wrap around, to wrap around, on wedding day... It's Tricky!

It's Tricky, tricky, tricky.

While we hope you appreciate our Run-D.M.C. inspiration, we promise tying your twobirds dress will NOT be tricky! The original convertible dress creator is taking over our Instagram this week so we wanted to keep the twobirds love going on the blog and blow your minds with all the tips and tricks from the designer and our Bella stylists.

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We get it. This dress can look intimidating from the hanger. You love the idea of a comfortable dress you can rewear a zillion different ways. (Yes, there are technically one zillion ways to wear it.) But doing all the work seems like too much work, right? Wrong! Read on for some ah-mazing tips and tricks so you as confident as the hip hop legends themselves.

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1. Undergarments are KEY

A nude thong is the perfect undergarment option for most bridesmaids dresses, however not so much for twobirds. The fabric will settle right in between your butt cheeks leaving you and all of the guests to see that your crack is in fact wack. Stick with a nude, seamless boyshort (We LOVE this one by Commando) and your booty will no longer offend Grandma Trudy.

You will also be able to let the girls breathe and go braless with this ballgown. When the dress is wrapped and tied in place, your bust will be lock and loaded. If you feel like you need a bit more support, the NUBRA is a great option. We also LOVE the Bandeau for a bit more coverage. This tubetop like accessory will give you the ability to wear a bra and blends in seamlessly with the dress so no one will even notice. We recommend always buying a couple extra bandeaus to have on hand for the wedding day in case any of your bridesmaids change their minds. Plus it makes a great little gift for your girls for only $30! They truly did think of everything!

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2. Partner Up and Practice

The last thing you want to be doing on the morning of the wedding is googling 'how to tie twobirds'. As in all things, practice makes perfect so keep on keeping on. We recommend having a wine party with all of the bridesmaids to figure out your style and practice wrapping each other. Pick a partner and learn each others style so that on the big day you just have to tie one person perfectly. This will give the bride one less thing to worry about, plus you can start the bridesmaid bonding early! The ladies at twobirds have made it SUPER easy with a user friendly website with images and videos so you can get a step by step guide on how to tie.

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3. How To Hem

The rumors are true, this dress has NO ALTERATIONS (Cue shock and awe). You will most likely need to adjust the length of the dress and the designer makes it super easy again with the recommendation of taking it to your local tailor and having them cut the bottom of the dress in a straight line. That's it. No needles, no hemming, no nothing. We don't recommend cutting it yourself so spare your shakey hands and bring it to a professional. Extra length is offered and highly recommended for girls who will be 5'8" and taller while WEARING heels. So all you shorties who love a high heel might want to consider it so you don't look like your trapped in a flood at the reception.

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Since we know you are still obsessing over these amazing tips and tricks for this seriously incredible dress, take some deep breaths and check out our Instagram this week for more twobirds love.

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