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The Mix-and-Match Project

Guest Contributor: Allison Amorello, Stylist Bella Boston

Remember the time that all of your best friends showed up at that party, wearing totally different outfits that coincidentally complimented each other?

Neither do we.

Mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses is a modern concept that allows individuality and coordination to live happily ever after, and we are all for it! But sending your girls into the wild all alone to find their piece of the puzzle can be stressful for them, and disastrous for your wedding album. A killer eclectic mix may appear natural and organic, but the truth is, a successful blend comes with careful thought and planning.

In other words: the ‘effortless look’ takes some serious effort.

Loving the concept, but intimidated by the process? Never fear––Bella Bridesmaids is here with tips and tricks for coordinating your Pinterest-worthy party!

1. Determine a single starting point.

Maybe it’s a special dress that would be perfect for your Maid of Honor, or maybe it’s a perfect shade of blush pink. Whatever it is––saying “I do!” to one detail is very helpful, because it gives you something to build off of. It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed, but once you choose one thing you love, you’ll find yourself able to decide on the next one.

2. Do your homework.

Jumping in with your girls may sound like a nice team building exercise, but it’s important to do some work solo if you want everyone singing Kumbaya when it’s over. Coming in advance for a Preview Appointment at a Bella Bridesmaids showroom will help you narrow down the options, leaving you with a diverse but manageable pool of pre-approved styles and colors.

If something is missing or not working the way you’d hoped, you can always take a step back and adjust––but the absence of excess factors will keep everyone on the same page, and ensure that you leave you with a look you’ll love!

3. Know thyself (and do whatever you want to!)

Keep in mind that not everything you see on wedding blogs is perfect for your big day. Personality plays a big part in wedding planning and every decision should leave you comfortable and excited. That means mixing and matching looks for your bridesmaids should only be done in a way that you’re totally into.

Some people are A-OK with any combination of colors, styles, and fabrics. Some people are cool with varied lengths and fabrics but limited colors, while others only want to mix tones if the dress is the same. Maybe you require even numbers, or you’re down with tulle but not taffeta. Consult your local Bella Stylist/Therapist if you need to talk it out.

Alright ladies, you’re now ready to take on The Mix-and-Match Project. We’re proud of you, and totally believe. Ready, set, style!

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