Sneak Peek: MAMIE + JAMES 2013 Collection

We caught up with Loren James of Mamie + James to find out the inspiration behind her vintage inspired 2013 collection.

The 2013 Collection allowed me to add a bit of dimension to Mamie+James. I really focused my inspiration on dress silhouettes from the 40s and 50s, when being a lady was incredibly chic. I’ve stayed true to creating fabulous cocktail dress options with gorgeous details such as rhinestone buttons, but have also added in looks that are more evening wear focused. Full length and chiffon skirts are now a part of the Mix+Match option for brides who want a more evening or ethereal look. 

Classic silhouettes are combined with dropped backs and sweet details that make a girl feel daring, while still remaining a true lady.

As with everything with M+J there is always a story behind each new dress addition.

For the bride who wants something more daring I now offer a vintage inspired floral print. The Lorene Vintage Inspired Floral print is based off a dress my grandmother, Lorene, created. When I wear her dress receive so many compliments. I just knew I had to offer this fabric to other girls!

  1. Etoile, skirt No. 10, mini
  2. Dore, skirt No. 11, mini
  3. Dore, skirt No. 11, long
  4. Julien, skirt No. 3, mini
  5. Etoile, skirt No. 10 long
  6. Muse, skirt No. 6, mini
  7. Coquette, skirt No. 1, cocktail
  8. Julien, skirt No. 3, long
  9. Panache, skirt No. 12, cocktail
  10. Reverie, skirt No. 9, tea
  11. Rendezvous, No. 8 mini
  12. Rendezvous, No. 7
  13. Joie, skirt No. 13, cocktail
  14. Muse, skirt No. 2, long
  15. Belle with skirt No.2, mini
  16. Bonne Chance, skirt No. 4, mini
  17. Bonne Chance, skirt No. 6, cocktail

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