Showroom Spotlight: Miami

Welcome to Miami!

We are THRILLED to introduce our newest franchise, Bella Miami! Faren Bickerstaff, owner of our Palm Beach showroom, is opening a second location in the Magic City. To all of our South Florida brides to be, Miami is ready for ya. :)

Tell us all about yourself! (Career background, personal life, etc!)

I have a Pre-Clinical Degree from the University of Central Florida with a minor in Administrative Health. Throughout college I worked as a Personal Shopper for JCrew. I realized quickly that working with people, and most of all styling them, is what I love to do. I then started my own Personal Styling company, and to this day still work with many of my long-term clients.

Though I love my one-on-one personal styling, I knew I wanted to do more. Three years ago I opened Bella Bridesmaids Palm Beach! Throughout the development of my career, I have also been very busy with my personal life. My now husband and I bought a house, got married and opened Bella Bridesmaids Palm Beach all within a few months. Then a year later we were blessed with our beautiful, and very stylish, little baby girl.

You already own Bella Palm Beach. What made you decide to open up Bella Miami?

I never want to settle, and when I saw the need for expansion within South Florida, I knew I had to take the leap and go for it! Now I can be sure I am reaching ALL of the wonderful brides in South Florida!

What do you love most about the city of Miami?

I love the diversity and culture that Miami brings to Florida. There is so much passion, fun, and life that flows through the city!

What's been the most exciting or rewarding part of being a small business owner?

I've always dreamed of being my own boss since I was a little girl. Bella Bridesmaids has allowed me to live out my dream.

What have you learned from owning the Palm Beach showroom that will help you in Miami?

I have learned that there is not one way to do something. Every bride and bridal party is so different, and I have really enjoyed creating someone’s vision for one of their most important days by simply finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

What color/style trends are you loving for 2017 Miami weddings?

I am LOVING the Sage Green right now! So beautiful, and perfect for our South Florida style!

Dresses by Ivy & Aster, Bella Bridesmaids Columbia | Photo credit: Holly Graciano Photography

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