Our Interview with Jenny Yoo Part II

In anticipation for our Jenny Yoo Instagram takeover tomorrow, we sat down with the designer herself to discuss her dreamy bridesmaids dresses, career advice, and that one wardrobe staple every woman needs! Read on and get inspired by the one and only, Jenny Yoo.

Jenny Yoo

When designing for bridesmaids, what is your inspiration?

I find inspiration in almost everything - I carry around a notepad and you'll catch me jotting down random notes & sketches.  I am constantly snapping random objects for colors, textures, layers, movement and how all of these elements can be combined to create a design. It’s amazing where you will find inspiration in your normal day to day routine. With each collection, I strive to design with the person wearing it in mind-my focus is not only creating a beautiful design but also keeping in mind comfort and versatility so that they can enjoy the special occasion.  I try to think outside the box and I want it to be current and incorporate the latest trends so that the collection is fresh and versatile for re-wearability.

What is your favorite way to style Annabelle?

The Annabelle Dress is such a versatile dress and has a flattering silhouette that compliments all body types. There are so many fun ways to style the Annabelle but I am loving the draped one shoulder look and the blousy look – I gravitate towards the bohemian look that can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize or style it.

Jenny Yoo 'Annabelle' in Soft Tulle

What is your favorite dress from the Metallic collection?

My favorite dress from the metallic collection is the Sabine Dress in Liquid Charmeuse.  There is something so feminine and romantic about the off-the-shoulder look and at the same has an ultra-sophisticated vibe with a modern element.

Jenny Yoo 'Sabine' in Liquid Charmeuse

Best career advice you've ever received?

When I made the decision to leave my job at Ann Taylor to start my own business 12 years ago there were so many unknowns and uncertainties.  My father told me that I will never know unless I take that step and pursue my dream.  My parents immigrated to America in the 70’s with less than $100 and they worked so hard to provide for the family – to this day my Father tells me “if I lose everything, I’ve only lost $100”.   My parents are such an inspiration to me and when I have a rough day I remind myself of the sacrifices my parents made for me to pursue my dreams.

Bella Bride Dawn Beverage Tannehill with her bridesmaids in Jenny Yoo Annabelle from Bella Bridesmaids Shreveport. Photographer: Kristen Van Zandt

Advice for recently engaged brides?

From dealing with different body types, personalities & budgets, shopping for Bridesmaids dresses can be more difficult than Brides anticipate. My advice is to:

  • Bring 1-2 friends for the initial appointment that you feel know you well and you can trust their opinions. Too many opinions resulting in a stressful experience.
  • Keep in mind the different body types & budgets when shopping
  • Keep in mind the style of your own gown and the overall feel and style for your wedding.  Is it classic, modern, or maybe vintage?  Your bridesmaids’ dresses should fit the same vibe.
  • Think outside the box! There are lots of ways to accommodate for different skin tones and body types-from convertible options, mixing colors and fabrics.

Jenny Yoo 'Annabelle' in Soft Tulle

What is the one wardrobe staple that every woman needs in her closet?

Everyone should have a great pair of dark denim jeans.  Denim jeans go with everything - you can dress it down for day with a casual tee and then dress it up for night with blouse and a great pair of heels.

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