Our Bella Bridesmaids!

Our lovely ladies from Bella Bridesmaid Nashville, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Baltimore!

Bella Bridesmaid: Nashville  |  Bride: Erica Elsasser  |  Designer: LulaKate  |  Style(s): Varied  |  Fabric: Faille  |  Color: Paradise  |  Photographer: Matt Andrews Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Dallas  |  Bride: Jennifer Tuel  |  Designer: Amsale  |  Style(s): Varied  |  Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon  |  Color:  Coral & Amore printed  |  Photographer: Kiki Creates Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Baton Rouge  |  Bride: Landry Picou  |  Designer: Jenny Yoo  |  Style: Aidan  |  Fabric: Chiffon  |  Color: Blush  |  Photographer: Courtney DellaFiore

Bella Bridesmaid: Minneapolis  |  Bride: Allison Cadogan  |  Designer: Ceremony by Joanna August  |  Style(s): Varied  |  Fabric: Chiffon  |  Color(s): Varied  |  Photographer: Photogen Inc.

Bella Bridesmaid: St. Louis  |  Bride: Emily Raglin  |  Designer: Alfred Sung  |  Style(s): Varied  |  Fabric: Dupioni  |  Color: Seaside

Bella Bridesmaid: Baltimore  |  Bride: Whitney Cherrington Oxnard  |  Designer(s): Varied  |  Style(s): Varied  |  Fabric(s): Chiffon  |  Color(s):  Butter, Pale Aqua, Custom color, Blush and Vanilla  |  Photographer: Karena Dixon

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