Our Bella Bridesmaids! ( 09/28/2012 Edition )

Our Bella Bridesmaids! ( 09/28/2012 Edition )

Check out these Friday Fav's!  These brides are keeping up with color trends by choosing dresses that range from a vibrant shamrock green to an elegant deep purple. Such beautiful ideas for your favorite gals!

Send pictures of your big day to your local Bella Bridesmaid and we would love to share them!

Bella Bridesmaid Jacksonville   Bride:  Caroline Carithers Close  Designer: Amsale  Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon Color: Slate

Photographer:  Agnes Lopez Photography

Bella Bridesmaid Shreveport  Bride:  Katelyn Roraback Van Zandt Designer: Jenny Yoo  Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Luxe Shantung  Color: Lagoon

Photographer: Sarah Schwartz Photography

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