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Meet & Greet: Lacey Campbell, owner of DC

In June of 2010, Lacey Campbell opened Bella Bridesmaid DC. Originally from Kentucky, Lacey came to the DC area to attend Georgetown University. After four years in our nation’s capital, Lacey decided to stay and fulfill her aspiration of opening her own business. With a franchise opportunity in DC, Lacey believed that Bella Bridesmaid was the perfect step to take, and not long after opened up her boutique! Lacey shared some of her history with us, as well as how it has been working with some fabulous DC brides… 
BB: What was your career before becoming a Bella Bridesmaid owner, and what attracted you to the franchise? 
L: I worked in sales at a software company. I was traveling a lot and felt like I was stuck staring at a computer most of my day. I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding and fell in love with the Bella Bridesmaid franchise. I was very attracted to the idea of helping brides and their maids select beautiful gowns. It has been a very rewarding job. 
BB: What is the most memorable moment so far in owning your boutique? 
L: One of my best friends got married last fall. It was so wonderful to help her select dresses and then be part of the wedding day as well. It was very touching to be asked to be a bridesmaid and wear the dresses from Bella Bridesmaid. 
BB: What is your idea of a perfect night out on the town? Which one of our dresses would you wear, and how would you style it?  
Lacey with her dad at the Kentucky Derby
L: I have Lula Kate’s Zoe dress with a straight skirt in Black and it definitely serves as my LBD. I put a cardigan and belt over it with wedges for dinner and drinks. Or, I can dress it up with heels and big pearls for the perfect cocktail outfit. 
BB: Fave celebrity wedding dresses? 
L: I loved Kate Middleton’s dress. I think every little girl watched her wedding and dreamt of being a princess in that gown. But a close runner up would be Grace Kelly’s dress which I think was probably a source of her inspiration. 
BB: How would you describe your own personal style?  
L: I love anything with inspired by the 1960’s fashion. I get a lot of great ideas from watching Mad Men. All my outfits aren’t complete without a chunky necklace and colorful handbag. 
BB: Favorite place traveled? 
L: I studied abroad in Chile during college. One weekend we climbed parts of the Andes Mountains on horseback. The views were incredible. Still baffles me how they were able to create such large stone statues and transport them across the island. 
Lacey during her trip abroad to Chile
BB: Favorite movie that you can watch over and over? 
L: The Breakfast Club- I grew up watching that movie and I could watch it a thousand more times. 
BB: Everyday wear item? ie: pair of earrings, fave cardigan, scarf. 
L: I never leave home without pearl earrings. During summer, I always have my big pair of Jackie O sunglasses. 
BB: Celebrity crush?  
L: Prince Harry for sure. He’s better than a celebrity. He is royalty with an accent! 
Bella Grand Opening in 2010         
Now for This & That... 
Thin Mints or Samoas?  Samoas- from the freezer 
Sun or Snow?  Sun. Its almost summer and I can’t wait. 
Dine out or Home cooked meal?  
I love dinning out with friends. There are so many fabulous new restaurants in DC, I want to try them all. 
Vogue or Cosmo? Vogue 
Rock n Roll or Country—I grew up in Kentucky so I certainly have some Country on my iPod. 
Thank you Lacey!

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