Before You Shop For Bridesmaids Dresses...Read This!

You made your first appointment at your local Bella Bridesmaids... YAHOO! Now what?! We've put together a list of helpful tips to get you and your girls ready for the ultimate bridesmaids shopping experience!

Image shows a white couch in front of a large rack of dresses all arranged in stunning rainbow order.

Tip 1: Get Inspired

Bella Bridesmaids loves a good wedding...and we are so excited to help with yours! Before your appointment, get those inspiration juices flowing so you know exactly what you are looking for. Create a Pinterest board specific for your wedding (f you haven't already made one pre-engagement that is!) and start PINNING! We LOVE sites like Style Me Pretty or 100 Layer Cake that are filled with wedding tips, tricks, and major style inspiration!

Tip 2: Find Your Bridal Gown

While this may seem like a no brainer, a lot of brides want to shop for their girls before they start their bridal gown search. We sincerely don't recommend this! Your bridal gown sets the tone and formality for your wedding and is a HUGE piece to the planning puzzle. Trust us, having your bridal gown purchased before you look at bridesmaids dresses will ensure smooth sailing through your planning process!

Three girls holding up a wedding dress for a bride to decide on.

Tip 3: Start Small

We totally get how excited you are to shop with all your girls. Who doesn't love a good shopping sesh with their BFFs?!  While we can't WAIT to have all your girls in our showroom, start your search with 1 to 3 trusted decision makers. It is so much more productive for our brides to narrow down their favorites before bringing in more opinions! It can be a bit overwhelming to please everyone, but remember it's your day and your girls will be happy to stand next to you in whatever you pick!

Three women posing in front of a clothes rack, browsing through the stylish outfits. Fashion choices galore!

Tip 4: Come Prepared

This isn't Fight Club, ladies. People will end up talking about the dresses before the big day. Keep in mind how you want to look and feel when the bride's mom, neighbor, and second grade teacher see what you tried on during the appointment. Blush, lip gloss, and a quick swipe of under eye concealer can make the shared Photo Stream go from mortal enemy to friend with benefits. Proper undergarments are a game changer! Bring your most supportive strapless bra and wear a nude thong or boy shorts (we LOVE these by Commando) so you get the best idea of how you will look walking down the aisle!

Commando brand underwear shown in several varieties of "nude."

Tip 5: Timing Is Everything

We are proud to carry the largest selection of bridesmaids dresses from leading designers in our showrooms! As a friendly note, our designers' dresses typically take around 12 to 16 weeks to be made...and worth the wait!! We recommend ordering far enough in advance so your bridesmaids receive their dresses a month or more before the wedding. This leaves PLENTY of time so they can be altered to fit perfectly. Make sure to keep timing in mind when shopping so you aren't limited in your dress search!

Bridesmaids in beautiful green dresses smiling for a group photo at a wedding. (bride in middle)

Dessy varied Floor Length styles in Hunter Lux Chiffon from Bella Memphis. Photo Credit: Jenna McElroy

Always remember your Bella stylists are here to help! We love chatting about all things BRIDESMAIDS so feel free to call your local showroom with any questions. We can't wait to help you find the one...bridesmaid's dress that is! :)

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