A Bridesmaid Questionnaire to Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding can get stressful. Your to-do list is colossal — and it keeps growing! 

You’ve got bridesmaid dresses to select, and your bridal party is all on different budgets. There are schedules to coordinate, too. You’ve got the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and other pre-wedding events and activities to plan.

Of course, you don’t want your bridesmaids to feel as though you’re asking too much of them. But when dealing with a myriad of opinions and comfort levels, it’s tough to please everyone.

So, what do you do?

If you relate to any of this, don’t worry. We’re here to help! 

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure how to proceed, we’ve got exactly what you need to simplify this aspect of the wedding planning process: a bridesmaid questionnaire.

Our Bridesmaid Questionnaire Template

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Your bridesmaid survey can include any questions that will help you plan your wedding, but here are some we’d recommend:

1. What is your budget?
2. Dress size?
3. Style preferences?
4. Schedule/availability?
5. Any location ideas for the bachelorette party?
6. Any creative skills/talents that could help with the wedding?
7. Allergies or dietary restrictions?
8. Allergies or dietary restrictions?
9. Favorite songs? (So you can give them your wedding DJ)
10. Preferred method of communication?

    We’ll explain why each of these questions is important — and what to do with this information — in the sections below.

    What Is a Bridesmaid Questionnaire?

    A bridesmaid questionnaire is one of the most underrated tools – especially in the whirlwind of wedding planning. In this case, a bridesmaid questionnaire gets you answers to the most pressing questions quickly and efficiently.

    Rather than frantically texting your bridesmaids and trying to keep track of sizes and schedules, a questionnaire does it for you.

    By filling out a questionnaire, your bridesmaids can answer honestly about budget, size, and style preferences. And they can do so without worrying about what others in the group might think. 

    You can also get valuable information about their schedule, plus any wedding-related skills they may be able to lend a hand with as you prepare for your wedding day.

    You can buy pre-made questionnaires and templates on sites like Etsy. Or, you can create your own electronic version using tools like Google Forms.

    No matter which modality you choose, surveys free up loads of time and energy — a priceless commodity while wedding planning.

    Of course, not all surveys are the same. So, to benefit you, the survey must ask the right questions.

    Your bridesmaids also need to actually fill out the survey. Some people work better under a deadline, so don’t feel guilty about imposing one when you send them your questionnaire.

    Questions to Include on Your Bridesmaid Questionnaire

    Bridesmaids sitting in front row of weddingPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Philadelphia / Emily Smith

    For your survey to be effective, it must ask the right questions. Remember, if any extra unique aspects of your wedding require specific answers, include them in your survey. 

    Here’s a list of the most important questions your bridesmaid survey needs to include:

    1. Bridesmaids’ Budgets 

    The budget is a big deal. It also can be uncomfortable to discuss. 

    Regardless, it’s a question that you need to ask. When brought up in survey format, your bridesmaids may feel more comfortable opening up and being honest about what they can spend. 

    The budget needs to include:

    • The bridesmaid dress
    • Accessories
    • Accommodations

      You could also include other relevant expenses your bridesmaids can help with.

      2. Size 

      Dress fittings and alterations will make your ladies look their best. But it’s still handy to know each of your bridesmaids' clothing and shoe sizes. 

      Also, when it comes to a night on the town, who doesn’t love a set of matching T’s…? 

      3. Style Preferences

      Bride and bridesmaidsPhoto: Danielle Coons

      From wild to mild, above the knee or below, ensure you provide space for all bridesmaids to share their style comfort level. 

      So, encourage them to include their favorite hairstyle ideas. And it doesn’t hurt to have them rate their ability to walk in heels…

      4. Availability

      As a bride-to-be, juggling your own appointments and schedule is hard enough. And now you have to consider other people’s availability too!

      A survey makes this a lot easier to manage. You’ll want to know when everyone is free. That way, you can schedule a time to scope out wedding dresses, go to dress fittings, and have the bachelorette party. 

      And of course, you want them there on the wedding date!

      Once you know when everyone’s available, you can arrange dress fittings. Find a Bella Bridesmaids location near you with our store locator.

      5. Bachelorette Party Location Ideas

      Because… why not?! It’s going to be pure entertainment, regardless. 

      But you’ve got a great group of friends, and it’s always fun to see what quirky, outlandish ideas they may have.

      6. Skills

      The ‘skills’ required in this context are anything wedding-related. What unique creative talents are your bridesmaids able to lend a hand with? 

      This can include fun DIY projects, décor, setting up the venue beforehand, etc. 

      7. Allergies or Dietary Restrictions 

      Many of your outings will involve tasty treats and bubbly. Be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions or preferences so you can accommodate everyone

      This includes drinks, too. Tasty mocktails or sparkling cider are a wonderful gesture for those who don’t consume alcohol. 

      8. A Song Guaranteed to Get Them Dancing

      Bridesmaids dancing at reception wearing white dresses and sunglassesPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Columbia / Anne Jervey Rhett 

      Everybody — and we mean everybody — has their song. Compile a list of your bridesmaids’ faves, a surefire way to get the wedding reception party started!

      9. Preferred Method of Communication 

      Coming up with a means to communicate is crucial… text, group chat, phone call — whatever. Discover the preferred way of communicating and stick to it.

      Incorporating the Answers Into the Wedding Planning

      So, what do you do with all this information? How should you organize and interpret everything?

      The most efficient way to interpret and organize all the info you get from the questionnaire is to divvy it up into categories:

      Dates & Sizes

      You have a section for numbers in the form of shoe and clothing sizes and dates of availability. 

      Create a spreadsheet or another handy place to organize and keep this info so you can easily access it as you continue to plan.

      Wedding Planning Help

      Scan your to-do list to see which tasks your bridal party is willing to help you with. Add the name to the task, explain your project ideas to them, and give them a specific time to get together and create.

      Taking Care of Your Bridesmaids

      Bride and groom kissing surrounded by bridal partyPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Baltimore / Jenny Quicksall

      It can be a little trickier when you’re interpreting other aspects of the questionnaire, such as budget and comfort level. 

      If someone isn’t comfortable with wearing the type of bridesmaids dress you envision, reach out and discuss it privately. Perhaps together, you can find a solution you both love.

      If finances are an issue for one of your bridesmaids, brainstorm ways to resolve the issue. Figure out what she’s comfortable spending, and be creative about bridging the gap to make up the difference.

      Including a bridesmaid’s questionnaire in your wedding planning process is a win-win for everyone. 

      Your bridal party feels appreciated and valued. 

      You get all the details you need.

      You’ve probably heard stress can be a major aspect of wedding planning. But by reading this and discovering all the ways to simplify the planning for your big day, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the whole thing.

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