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QR Codes on Wedding Invitations? Here's Why [And How]

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Wedding planning for the big day?


You have all sorts of fun decisions to make, like what you’ll wear, who your caterer will be, what music you’ll dance to, and who you’ll invite to watch you say “I do!”

But don't send those invites just yet! 

First, you might want to consider adding something to them that will make it easier to gather RSVP responses and keep track of who is coming and who is not:

A QR code.  

Okay, we know what you’re thinking … a QR code on a wedding invitation? Really?


Here’s how QR codes can make wedding planning easier. We’ll also give you the deets on how to create them (for free) and incorporate them into other elements of your wedding day.

Should I Add a QR Code to My Wedding Invitation?

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Can’t imagine why anyone would want to slap one of those geometric black and white barcodes on their beautiful wedding invitations

There are a few really good reasons why …

QR Codes Make It Easy to Manage RSVPs 

Adding a QR code to your invitation allows wedding guests to RSVP digitally. Then, with a simple click of a smartphone camera, guests can reply yes or no and let you know what they want to eat at your reception. Well, that’s if you want them to choose a menu option ahead of time!

Gathering online RSVPs allows couples to more easily manage their guest list. If you’re hoping for quick responses, this is the way to do it. You won’t have to wait for guests to fill out their RSVP card and mail it back to you. 

You Can Share Important Info About Your Wedding Day 

Wedding RSVPs aren’t the only thing QR codes are good for as you plan your big day. Whether you’re throwing a chic, modern wedding, a rustic celebration, or a traditional ballroom wedding, QR codes can also serve other purposes.

They’re an excellent way to share your wedding story and engagement photos. They’re a quick way to share a video of your proposal with your guests. They’re also perfect for sharing important wedding information that won’t fit on your invitations.

QR codes can lead guests to your venue location on Google Maps or include driving directions.

They can give wedding details regarding your itinerary and schedule of events. But, of course, that's even more perfect if you’re having a wedding weekend with a pre-wedding dinner and a post-wedding brunch! 

They can also provide guests with info about nearby hotels, transportation options, or your wedding registry.

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How Does a Wedding Invitation QR Code Work?

A QR code can direct guests to your wedding website landing page. From there, they can navigate to different sections of your site to see photos, directions, and itineraries. 

Or, you can create a code that directs them to a specific page on your website, such as an RSVP page. 

It also doesn't matter how many QR codes you create or where they lead. It’s still a good idea to include your wedding website link for those less tech-savvy guests who aren’t familiar with QR codes. 

People who don’t use QR codes sometimes feel more comfortable typing a web address into the web browser on their mobile device or laptop.

We also recommend including a traditional RSVP card in your invitation suite. That's particularly important for older guests, like elderly grandparents, who may not know what a QR code is or might not have iPhone skills.

How To Add a QR Code to Your Wedding Invitation

So now that you know why you should add a QR code to your invite, here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Create a wedding website (you need a URL to generate a QR code).

Step 2

Once you have the URL you want to use, find a free QR code generator to create your code. 

Step 3

Create a QR code using a free QR code template online.

Step 4

Before printing your QR code on every invitation, test it to ensure it works!

Step 5

Share your QR code with whoever is handling your wedding invitation design.

Which QR Code Generator Should You Use?

As for selecting a QR code generator, there are lots to choose from. For brides and grooms that want to DIY and customize their codes with different colors or fun images, RSVPify and Flowcode are two popular options.

Black & White QR Codes: Is It Necessary?

Remember: there’s a reason why QR codes are typically black and white. 

To make the code scannable, it needs stark contrast. So, choose colors with high contrast if you want to make your code more unique. In other words, a light background with dark print is always the way to go! 

Where & How?

If you’re creating your own wedding invitations online, you’ll need to upload your QR code as an image to make it appear properly on your invite. 

As for where to place it, many couples prefer to put it on their wedding card so that it doesn’t distract from the invitation itself.  

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You Can Add QR Codes to Thank You Notes & Favors, Too!

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Custom QR codes aren’t just for wedding invitations and RSVP cards. You can put them on all different types of wedding stationery!

Are you throwing a destination wedding? 

If so, consider adding a QR code to your save the dates to inform guests of nearby hotel options and give them a heads-up when making travel plans.

Love to make videos?

Instead of writing generic "thank you" notes, add a QR code to your thank you cards and direct guests to a pre-recorded video. It’s a fun and thoughtful way to thank your guests for their gifts and for being a part of your special day.

You can even create QR codes to attach to your wedding favors as a way to share photos and video clips on your social media pages after the wedding day.  

The options are endless!

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QR codes don’t necessarily scream elegance and romance. But we live in a technological world, and they’re popping up everywhere. That includes some of the most elegant and beautiful wedding invitations we’ve ever seen.

Adding a QR code to your wedding invitation makes gathering RSVPs and providing guests with important information easier. That can save you hours of responding to phone calls, emails, and texts from guests with questions. 

For that reason alone, we say go for it!  

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