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Ashley & David's Wedding

Photographer: Rylee Hitchner Photography  |  Bella Showroom: Birmingham  |  Designer: Joanna August

You KNOW we love a good barn wedding, but this one takes the cake! From their rustic chic ceremony, to the fun cocktail hour snacks like chick-fil-A minis and s'mores, this is one celebration we are in LOVE with. #BellaBirmingham

A brunette bride kissing her groom. Bride is wearing a white halter neck dress and groom is in a navy suit. wearing a

How did you two meet?

My best friend grew up with David (my husband) and set us up!

Ashely and David engagement photo on a rooftop. Ashely is wearing a burgundy sweater and David is hugging her from behind in a leather jacket.
Ashley and David kissing across a table outside a cafe.

Details on the proposal!

David and I had already decided we wanted to get married and we both wanted a short engagement. Because we wanted a short engagement, I knew I would have to start looking at venues before we officially got engaged since they book up fast. I was planning on meeting my wedding planner to look at "the barn at shady lane" one of the venues on my list. I walked up to the barn and opened the barn doors.

A beautiful bride is walked down the aisle by her dad on her special day. Love and happiness fill the air.

To my surprise, it wasn't my wedding planner standing there but David surrounded by dozens of candles and flowers. I was so shocked! He began reading a letter he wrote to tell me how much he loved me and why he wanted to marry me. Shortly after, David got on one knee and asked me to marry him! With no hesitation I said yes!

Bride and groom with their wedding officiant during outdoor ceremony.

Location, location, location! How did you choose your venue? What type of venue were you looking for?

I knew I wanted an outside wedding. After looking at lots of venues, I decided on "Rockhurst Farms". It was exactly what I wanted; a big open field for the Ceremony, another open field on the other side for my checkered dance floor and two big trees where we could string market lights, and an open pavilion for all the food!

A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony at the farm with rustic decorations and a scenic backdrop.
A charming outdoor wedding reception with twinkling string lights, creating a rustic and romantic ambiance.
A newlywed couple dances outdoors at their wedding, smiling and holding each other close. Dance floor is a black and white checkerboard.

Who designed your beautiful gown? Where did you get it?

Heidi Elnora designed my wedding gown and I loved it. I had never seen a wedding gown like this one and it perfectly fit the boho style of my wedding.

A beautiful boho wedding dress hanging on a rustic wooden door. Perfect for a romantic and elegant wedding.
Elegant mother and daughter (the bride) posing for a photo at a beautiful wedding celebration.

Describe the wedding. The look, theme, style, colors, etc.

My wedding was "Organic / Boho". I had lots of ivory and greenery.

Outdoor wedding reception with string lights, wooden tables, and floral centerpieces.
Wedding cake on rustic desk in forest clearing, surrounded by trees and sunlight filtering through leaves.
Vintage furniture set up for a rustic outdoor wedding ceremony.

Tell us about your bridesmaids dresses!

The reason I went with the "Joanna August" collection was because i loved the boho look and I wanted all my bridesmaids to pick their own style of dress so that everyone felt beautiful and comfortable.

Ashley with all 13 of her bridesmaids in flowy light colored dresses and two flower girls in white standing in front of group.
Two bridesmaids with bride in the middle in forest setting, standing together in elegant attire, capturing a joyful moment.
A joyful group of bridesmaids and bride posing together in a beautiful woodland setting.
A joyful group of bridesmaids (+ bride) and their adorable flower girls posing together in a beautiful woodland setting.
A group of bridesmaids and guests with the bride smiling and posing for a photo in front of a beautiful tree.

My favorite memory of the day!

David and I always had this thing where one of us would squeeze the other ones hand three times to say "I Love You" and the other one would squeeze back four times to say "I Love You Too". During our Wedding Ceremony, we had this moment where the preacher was talking and David and I were looking at each other.  David squeezed my hand 3 times and I squeezed his back 4 times. It was so special because no one in the crowd knew about this special exchange. This was one of my most favorite moments that only David and I shared!

Newlyweds share a romantic kiss on the dance floor at their wedding reception. Photo is in black and white.

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