8 Terracotta Bridesmaids Dresses for Every Season

Bride and groom kissing with bridesmaids in terracotta dresses and groomsmen in black suits standing around themPhoto: Bella Bridesmaids Los Angeles / Elyse Whall

Picture this: you’re at the altar, a breathtaking sight to behold. Your gown, too, is sensational. It’s a creamy white, and with your bridal party smiling beside you dressed in terracotta bridesmaid dresses, you stand out and exude radiance. 

Everyone is starting to fawn over what has long been the color choice darling for boho and rustic vibes. It’s now become an in-demand addition to wedding day color schemes everywhere. We get it!

From bridesmaid dresses to centerpieces, the rich earthy tones are drop-dead gorgeous. They also work beautifully year-round.

Terracotta is associated with warmth and happiness. Terracotta is grounding, a burnt orange meeting a deep brown. It creates a cheerful, inviting, uplifting atmosphere. 

Another reason terracotta is a color choice no-brainer is it pairs perfectly with a wide range of other tones. Each amalgamation leads to a different feel. The different color combinations allude to distinct moods and seasons.

That’s why we’re busting out the swatches. We can’t wait to share some of our favorite seasonally-based terracotta color combos. 

We’ve also included some irresistible terracotta bridesmaid dresses to inspire you ... or get you on board if you need a little more convincing.


Spring is a time for new growth. Buds on apple trees burst into bloom, and tender shoots of green grass sprout up everywhere. Timid pastel-colored wildflowers and bulbs peek through the soil, all craning their necks toward the warm spring sun.

1. Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Hayes

Model in Jenny Yoo's Hayes Bridesmaid Dress

This gorgeous v-neck flutter sleeve long dress is the embodiment of spring. Made of luxe chiffon, it has a boho feel, and a side slit on the skirt adds to the overall ethereal flowy quality.

2. Jenny Yoo Evelyn Dress

Model in Jenny Yoo's Evelyn Dress

Another option is this satin bridesmaid dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a cowl neck. Its terracotta dusty rose color looks amazing with the rest of the fresh spring colors.

The rich color of a terracotta dress adds a solid base for lighter pinks, dusty rose, and pastel shades. Or, pair it with different tints of yellows and greens. Terracotta looks surprisingly fresh when coupled with a pale turquoise-inspired blue.

Depending on where you live, spring can be anything from sweater to party dress weather. So be sure to consider that when choosing the cut and style of the bridesmaid dress.

Spring Terracotta Color Combinations

These are our favorite spring-inspired terracotta color combos:

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Summer is a time to get out and explore. Whether hiking with a friend or going on a beach date with your fiance, the warmth of the sun saturates colors. It brings out the rich pigments in plants and flowers, showcasing them at the height of their bright and bold glory. 

Summer evenings are notable for relaxing and enjoying vibrant sunsets. And, sometimes, the setting rays burst into vibrant color displays that include terracotta. Now, of course, it’s also easy to find terracotta shades in sunbaked clay or in places like the Canyonlands of Utah on a long hot day.

Opt for sleeveless if you need bridesmaid dresses for a hot climate. Or a dress made from breathable fabrics – ditching the sequins and corsets in favor of something flowy — made from a lightweight fabric like tulle.

3. Dessy Collection 3056

Model wearing Dessy Collection's 3056 dress

This slip dress — with a gorgeous neckline, open back, and spaghetti straps — comes in a gorgeous terracotta copper. The color complements the bright colors of summer beautifully.

4. Jenny Yoo Aviana Dress

Model wearing Jenny Yoo's Aviana Dress

Similarly, this satin dress with an asymmetrical hemline (a midi mini dress blend) is perfect for summer. Its warm undertones and light, airy fabric make it ideal. 

Summer Terracotta Color Combinations

Check out our favorite summer-inspired terracotta color combos: 

  • -Terracotta, coral, and lime green

  • -Terracotta, peach, and champagne

  • -Terracotta, seafoam green, buttermilk yellow 

Want even more terracotta options? Explore the entire Bella Bridesmaids collection of bridesmaid dresses available online.


Fall is when terracotta shades shine. Squash, pumpkins, and cinnamon appear in terracotta and other rich saturated orange hues.

Fall is a cozy time of additional layers and thick socks, except when it comes to weddings. Some use the cooler temps to their advantage and pick a more elaborate formal dress for their bridal party to wear. 

However, cocktail dresses or a midi dress is perfectly acceptable, too, as long as your bridesmaids don’t get too cold.

5. Christina Wu Celebrations 22924

Model wearing Christina Wu Celebrations 22924 dress

If you’re aiming for something a little softer, this off-the-shoulder maxi dress comes in various terracotta pigments. It has gorgeous romantic ruffle detail and a full flowy full-length skirt. 

Fall Terracotta Color Combinations

Here are our favorite fall-inspired terracotta combos: 

  • -Terracotta, moss green, beige

  • -Terracotta, a touch of gold, and off-white

  • -Terracotta, mustard yellow, pale pink


By the time winter appears, colors take on cooler undertones. Shades of blue darken and are accompanied by hints of lilac, purple, and silvery whites.

Mauve, silvery gray — all of these colors look surprisingly gorgeous when accompanied by terracotta.

If you live in a cold climate, skip backless bridesmaid dresses, and opt for those made from thicker fabrics. Velvet dresses, for example, always look luxurious, and they’re warm. Or, choose a ball gown completely covering the legs that lightly skims the shiny surface of the floor.

6. Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Althea

Model wearing Jenny Yoo's Althea Bridesmaid Dress

This dazzling long sleeve chiffon bridesmaid dress, with a cascading A-line skirt, pairs remarkably well with winter colors. It not only keeps your bridesmaids warm; it radiates romance, elegance, and charm.

7. Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress Idris

Model wearing Jenny Yoo's Idris Bridesmaid Dress

This long-sleeved pleated wrap dress is perfect for winter as well. It’s so gorgeous that no one will know how low-maintenance and comfortable it is. They’ll be too busy admiring it!

Winter Terracotta Color Combinations

Here are our favorite winter-inspired terracotta color combos:

  • -Terracotta, mauve, off white

  • -Terracotta, cool gray, tan

  • -Terracotta, hunter green, light silvery-blue

Honorable Mention

Last but not least, we have our non-dress honorable mention:

8. Women's Burnt Orange Suit Jacket by SuitShop

Model wearing Burnt Orange Suit Jacket by SuitShop

Those who want their bridesmaids to look sharp in something besides a dress need to check out this suit. A modern twist on a classic, this edgy piece is designed for comfort and style.

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