Meet & Greet: Maribeth & Madison, owners of Westport

Maribeth & Madison
Talk about a fun loving mother- daughter duo! Maribeth and Madison of Bella Bridesmaid Westport decided to open their charming boutique in December of 2011 after meeting with the Richmond Bella owners. With an opportunity to open in Westport and a desire to be part of the wedding world, this hilarious twosome set out to help brides have a fun and enjoyable experience picking dresses for their maids! We were lucky enough to catch up with these ladies to hear more about their life in Connecticut and why they are Caesar Milan enthusiasts… BB: What were your careers before becoming Bella Bridesmaid owners, and what attracted you to the franchise? Madison: I was an Event Coordinator at Octagon Marketing, and I worked part-time for J.Jill. Maribeth: My husband and I own physical therapy clinics, and I own a salon & spa. Madison: We fell in love with Bella Bridesmaid when we visited the Richmond, VA location. I’m getting married in June, and the girls in Richmond were so nice and helpful. Their store was adorable, and when we went online to look at the website, we saw that there were franchises available. It just so happened that the Westport franchise was for sale, and since we live in the next town over, it seemed like our destiny!
Westport boutique
BB: What is the most memorable moment so far in owning your boutique? Madison: We had one Saturday that was so busy from the get-go! It really was our first day that we were in back-to-back appointments, and we had people walking in off the street all day. Most of the brides that came that day found dresses, so we were very proud of ourselves! Maribeth: My most memorable - let's see, the most recent "are you two sisters?" question that was asked… gotta love those girls! BB: What is your idea of a perfect night out on the town? Which one of our dresses would you wear, and how would you style it?
Mamie + James
Madison: I love getting to sitting outside at my favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks in the summer. I am in love with my LulaKate Angela dress in Petunia and White. I love dressing it down with a cropped blazer, casual wedges and chunky pearl jewelry. Maribeth: The perfect night on the town - my girlfriends and I, with our husbands in tow, eating and drinking as if nothing matters! Right now I'm in love with the Mamie + James collection and I'm working on a body that will allow me to rock all of her dresses! Check in with me in a few months, I'll let you know how that's going. : )
Kayte Walsh via Peter Langner
BB: What is your fave celebrity wedding dress? Maribeth: Kayte Walsh! She wore the same Peter Langner gown that Madison chose for her wedding. Madison: Maribeth is pretty sure Kayte copied me. BB: Tell us about a favorite recent bride that has an interesting story/wedding. M&M: We have a bride who is marrying a man who has two young daughters that are absolutely in love with her. The bride is having just the two girls as her wedding party, and it was so sweet to have them all here together. They are going to be a very happy family!
Madison trying on Mamie + James
BB: How would you each describe your own personal style? Madison: I have a pretty simple style. I'm a big fan of solid colors dressed up with jewelry and shoes. I'm really into the mixing of bold colors this season - so much fun! Maribeth: Ever evolving! BB: Favorite guilty pleasures? Madison: Does Don Draper from Mad Men count as a guilty pleasure? He is so handsome and mysterious… my fiancé even loves him, so I can be totally open about my crush. Maribeth: Is this a family blog? BB: Fave reality show? Madison: I love Cesar Milan, the "Dog Whisperer". Between Mom and I, we have six dogs (don't judge), so we can really use his expertise. Maribeth: The one that goes on in my house every day! BB: Must have beauty item? Madison: Anything by Jane Iredale… her makeup is amazing! Maribeth: My plastic surgeon's phone number.
Poseidon Undersea Resort Image by WENN Photos via MSNBC
BB: Dream vacation spot? Madison: Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. The suites are literally underwater, and all the walls and ceilings are glass. Maribeth: Our summer house in Mystic, CT… such a relaxing spot for us! BB: Fave daily blog read? Madison: I'm a sucker for Perez Hilton. Maribeth: I don't do blogs… except this one, obviously. Now... For This & That!
RHNJ, Image by Tommy Garcia via TODAY
Real Housewives of OC or Beverly Hills? Madison: Neither, I love the gals from New Jersey. Maribeth: Real what? Facebook or Twitter? Madison: Facebook. Maribeth: Facebook, although I can't seem to keep up with it! Green tea or skinny latte? Madison: Skinny Latte, but it has to be vanilla. Maribeth: Just a regular latte for me!
Jennifer Aniston, Image via People
Brangelina or Justifer? Madison: Justifer for sure. Jen is the cutest ever! Maribeth: Jen all the way - that girl has class and dignity! Lady Gaga or Adele? Madison: Adele, I am so jealous of her voice. Maribeth: Lady Gaga - love her confidence.                                                Thank you both!

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