How to Pull Off a Donut Wall: 5 Unique Ideas

Four donuts on leaves on the top of a wedding cakePhoto: Eleventh Flour Bakery

There’s something about donuts that makes them impossible to resist.

Maybe it’s their light and fluffy texture. Maybe it’s the yummy frosting or colorful sprinkles that draw us in. Or, maybe it’s the fact that they’re the perfect sweet bite at any time of day!

Why you love donuts doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can turn this delicious treat into a fun, whimsical wedding decoration and dessert.


With a donut wall.

If you have a sweet tooth or want to wow your guests with an irresistible confectionery display, a donut wall might be the way to go. Here are five unique ideas for how to pull off a donut wall at your wedding. 

DIY a Donut Wall Display

Various colorful donuts on pegs on a wooden wallPhoto: Jered Ladia

A DIY donut wall is easy to put together, and there are lots of tutorials online that offer step-by-step instructions on how to build one.

All you need is a sheet of wood, some wooden pegs or dowels, a drill, and a few other basic supplies. You’ll find everything you need at your local hardware store or home improvement store (minus the donuts, of course!).

Once you have your materials, you’ll need to sand the wood, drill holes in a grid, and insert wooden pegs. That’s really all there is to it!

Depending on your personal style and wedding theme, you can display your donut wall in its natural wood finish, spray it with metallic paint, or paint it with pastel acrylics to match your bridesmaid dresses. You can add your names, paint a fun phrase at the top (there are lots of silly donut puns to choose from), or attach fresh flowers around the edges.

How you decorate your DIY donut wall is entirely up to you!

As for choosing the donuts, well … that can be slightly more challenging. Some people opt for a monochromatic display with one type of donut. Others mix it up with two or three varieties spaced out randomly or organized to create uniform columns or rows.

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Create a Donut Pegboard Wall

Don’t have a drill or trust yourself to drill holes evenly? 

The easiest way to DIY a donut display is to start with a pegboard with pre-cut holes.

Like a DIY wooden donut wall, a pegboard-turned-donut-board can be painted and decorated in any way you like. Once you’ve painted and spaced out the pegs, you’ve got an instant display board for delicious donuts! 

Create a Wall With Donut Shelves

Wall at wedding that says "Let Them Eat Cake" against lush green treesPhoto: Andi Bravo

Donut wall donuts need center holes. Otherwise, there's no way to hang them.

But, creating a wall display with flat shelves offers the option to showcase all sorts of yummy donuts, including cream-filled and jelly-filled varieties without holes.

To create a donut shelf wall, you’ll need to mount horizontal shelves in rows. Opt for wood shelves for a casual, rustic look, or mount clear lucite or acrylic shelves for a chic, modern look.

If you have your heart set on a vertical donut display wall but still want to offer some filled donuts to your guests, there’s an easy way to do so:

Add a small side table as a donut stand beside your vertical wall. Tiered dessert display stands are the perfect way to put out an array of filled donuts in addition to the hole-y ones hanging on your vertical wall.

Add Donuts to Your Wedding Cake

Tiered cake stand with white-frosted donuts occupying most of it and a white, flower-topped cake on topPhoto: Liz Barnes

There are other ways to incorporate donuts into your wedding without building an entire wall of them, such as adding donuts to your wedding cake.

One way is to use a stack of donuts as a topper for your tiered wedding cake.

Another option is to place donuts around the edges of your cake as edible and whimsical decorations.

The third way is to forgo the tall, tiered cake altogether and opt for a tiered cake stand filled with layers of frosted donuts. Add a small round cake to the top of the stand, and you can still enjoy the tradition of slicing and eating a piece of cake with your new spouse during your wedding reception.

Add Donut Hole Cake Pops to Your Sweet Table

Pink cake pops and macaroons on a pink-themed wedding dessert tablePhoto: Festival Brides

Planning to put out a huge dessert table filled with cupcakes, macaroons, cream puffs, chocolate truffles, and petit fours?

Instead of hanging donuts on a wall, consider adding donut hole cake pops to the mix!

The best tabletop dessert bars offer variety, so mini donut holes staked on lollipop sticks are the perfect way to incorporate donuts into your wedding celebration without making them a focal point.  

Tips for Creating the Perfect Donut Wall

A donut wall does double duty as both a dessert display and a party decoration, so it’s the perfect choice for any celebration that needs a bit of whimsy and an extra touch of sweetness.

But, there are some logistics involved that you’ll want to keep in mind:

To DIY or Not to DIY? 

Unless you know you have the time and skills to DIY your own donut wall, don’t even bother. It’s best to make it the responsibility of your caterer or baker.

If your caterer or baker can’t do it, ask your wedding planner to take charge. 

Fresh Is Best 

Donuts are only appealing when they’re fresh. So, if you’re assembling the wall yourself, try to pick up your donuts (or have them delivered) as close to the day of the wedding reception as possible.

Freshly baked donuts will last one or two days if stored properly, so if you can’t get them the morning of, you can get away with storing them the night before.

Designate a Point Person 

You do not want to be the bride or groom hanging donuts on pegs twenty minutes before your wedding ceremony. Designate a trusted friend or ask your wedding coordinator to be in charge of getting the donuts and putting them on display.

Pay Attention to Spacing 

No matter how big or how small your donut wall is, be sure to arrange them in a way that leaves empty space around the entire donut. They should be far enough apart that when someone grabs one, they don’t accidentally touch the donut next to it.

Avoid a Mess 

Frosted donuts can be a bit messy (especially if you’re displaying them outside or in a warm environment). Be sure to have dessert plates and napkins nearby so your guests and wedding party can wipe their hands and faces.

You can also display your donuts on paper doilies, which you can find at any party supply store. 

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Donut walls are easy to create. But, they tend to skew a bit more rustic and whimsical, which may not fit into the vision you have for your wedding day.

If you’re a massive donut fan but don’t necessarily want a donut wall at your wedding reception, consider having one at your bridal shower or your next birthday party instead.

Wherever you decide to have one, it will be a hit!

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