Bridesmaids Buzz

Our Bella Bridesmaids!

Spring is in full swing and these brides and their maids are a breath of fresh air!

Bella Bridesmaid: Shreveport  Bride: Lindsey Crane   Designer:  Amsale

Style(s): Varied  Fabric:  Silk Crinkle Chiffon   Color: Blush
Photographer: Legacy Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Charleston  Bride: Mary Helen Peacock   Designer:  Ivy & Aster & Carol Hannah
Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Chiffon  Color(s): Various shades of blue
Photographer: Virgil Bunao

Bella Bridesmaid: Westport  Bride: Sheena Tracy   Designer:  LulaKate
Style: Bridget   Fabric: Silk Shantung   Color: Hot Pink
Photographer: Cher Hanna

Bella Bridesmaid: Charlotte   Bride: Cassie Schofield  Designer:  Jenny Yoo
Style: Kennedy  Fabric:  Luxe Shantung   Color: Navy

Photographer: Brooke Brown

Bella Bridesmaid: Orange County  Bride: Alexia Oerding  Designer:  Swoon

Style(s): Mykonos Fabric: Sandwashed Charmeuse  Color: Champagne