Real Wedding Q&A.

How did you meet your Fiancé? Michael and I met our first week of our freshman year at Washington University in St. Louis. We became friends pretty quickly, and a small group of us stuck …continue reading

Our Bella Bridesmaids.

Bella Bridesmaids: Indianapolis  Bride: Emily  Designer: Ivy & Aster  Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Chiffon Color: Light Green Photographer: Rachel Robertson Bella Bridesmaids: Charleston  Bride: Morgan Jenny  Designer: Wtoo  Style: 450  Fabric: Bobbinet  Color: Black  Photographer: Karyn Iserman Bella Bridesmaids: San Antonio  Bride: Kara Karlak  Designer: LulaKate  Style(s): Arrington & Drew  Fabric: Pearl  Color: Sage Bella Bridesmaids: Tampa  Bride: Alexis …continue reading