Love Stories

How did you meet your Fiance? Davis and I met in New York City at a small sports bar in the West Village in March of 2012- a mutual friend introduced us, just as friends, …continue reading

We Love Lace!

Lace is not just for your grandma’s fancy doilies anymore! Let’s all take a page out of the Kate Middleton handbook and embrace the lace! Ok, ladies, here it comes…why not add some lace into …continue reading

Our Bella Bridesmaids.

Our Bella Bridesmaids from Orange County, Pittsburgh, Greenville, Chicago and Memphis! Bella Bridesmaid: Orange County  Bride: Ashley  Designer: Ivy & AsterStyle(s): Coming Up Roses, May Flowers and Paloma Fabric: Matte Chiffon    Color(s): Light Green, …continue reading

Love Stories

How did you meet your Fiancé?  Brett and I met after college when we both moved into the same apartment complex in Minneapolis. He lived in an apartment with two of his buddies (both were …continue reading